Burning Bush

All the widows watch
Through all window sills
Hair raising in every room
Up the street come a walking chill
An' you ask for nothing
'Cept to be by my side

See my tears good father
Will they wash it away
All my dirt from your holy feet
No I don't believe it work that way
'Cause you ask for nothing
'Cept to be by my side

I seen you in the river
Before God and man
Held by the holy hand of winter
Laid low by winter's holy hand

Yes my sister girl
I know that it is true
You see me with the Lord's eye girl
An' you see right through
An' you ask for nothin'
Is there something behind my eyes

I can look good I swear
When the spirit blows
All ore and all through yea
My wretched bones
An' you look for nothin'
'Cept to be by my side love

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